How Do You Get Lice

Understanding Lice

Lice are wingless parasites that actually feed on blood like mosquitos. While they aren’t really dangerous, and they are very common among school children, where they’re commonly spread from child to child via close contact, lice can be problematic if left to linger for a considerable period of time. Understanding what causes lice and how to get rid of can help keep the problem from festering and getting worse while helping to reduce the likelihood of an outbreak in the future.

How Do You Get Lice?

What Causes Lice?

People usually get lice by coming into contact with adult lice or their eggs. Once the eggs are on the head or the body, they can hatch. Typically, lice are picked up in high-traffic areas like schools, places of business or where any items are shared. Having head or body lice is commonly the result of sharing contaminated furniture, especially for adults, who aren’t as likely to get lice as school-age children.

How Do You Get Head Lice?

Many people ask “how do you get hair lice,” especially when their children are sent home for the first time or there is an outbreak at their child’s school. In school children, head lice are often passed through head to head contact when playing or napping. School children can also get lice from coming into contact with belongings or personal objects infected with lice. Many school children pick up lice just from sharing a room with another student that has lice. After all, most school children spend a great deal of time in any given day with the same students in one room. Young children also have the tendency to play on the floor with shared toys, making them more susceptible to lice than teens and adults. Sharing combs and hair products is also a common way to get head lice.

How Do You Get Body Lice?

Body lice are passed pretty much the same way head lice are. Body lice can be passed through shared clothing or items like blankets and towels. Sharing contaminated furniture like chairs and sofas is also a common way to get body lice.

Where Do Lice Come From?

Many people wonder where lice come from since they can’t walk or fly. Lice can only be spread through contact with a person with lice or through contaminated objects. That’s why lice aren’t common among adults. If your child has had lice or you think you may have contaminated items, use special shampoos, soaps and detergents to get rid of them.